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Carpet Cleaning Yokine technicians are trained to clean your furniture to get it back to its original look. Our chemicals are safe for people and pets so that you can use your furniture after we get done. We are prepared to clean and care for all types of upholstery materials.

Tile cleaning can be an arduous task. Leave it up to our trained technicians who treat each type of specialty tile and grout with the care it needs. We will get your tile and grout as clean as new, without breaking your back. Our trained crew uses industrial-mounted truck equipment to remove all contaminants from your tile and grout so that your business and home look their best on all occasions.

Whether a part of a home or a business, rugs are an important asset to any living area. Keeping them clean and free of dirt and other contaminants is important to the look and feel of your building. A deep cleaning removes allergens and bacteria from accumulating in the rug that would otherwise affect your health indoors. We service rugs of all kinds and types so that your business and living area are looking their best.

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Our tile and grout cleaning process starts with us removing all contaminants from the surface of the floor. After we have cleaned your tile and grout, we use a grout sealant to prevent dirt and debris from soaking into your grout lines and damaging it. This process keeps your tile looking great for the seasons to come.

Our upholstery cleaning takes place on-site with our industrial truck-mounted equipment. With this equipment, we are able to bring our cleaning process to you and provide the best cleaning possible for your furniture. Our technicians are prepared for any type of material that your upholstery may be made of. By using pet and people friendly chemicals we are able to get you back in your living area as soon as possible.

With our reliable services, you and your loved ones will have more time to enjoy the good things in life you have worked so hard to achieve. Filling up your life moments spent with family and friends, instead of wet-hours spent bent over the portable carpet cleaning device you rented at the store is what our cleaning team is all about.

Carpet stains or flood damage is a job for professional cleaners with years of experience, knowledge and training designed to make these tasks easier. Any inaccuracy in required cleaning techniques can flush the money you invested in your carpets down the drain, therefore, cleaning and maintenance of your expensive carpets is best left to the caring hands of Carpet Cleaning Yokine who are trained to handle the problems associated with cleaning hard-to-remove stains from expensive fabrics.


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