Mattress Cleaning

Mattresses are very important in our lives. First of all, they are very hard to get hold of for a good price. Then, once you get one, it is a job bringing it to the bedroom, possibly up the stairs and onto the bed frame. The life of a mattress is one that is truly magical. They are the base upon which we experience so much of what makes life an interesting ride. They are where we fall asleep and where we wake up, they are where we dream in between. They are often the place where childbirth happens and they usually act as the facilitator of child-making in the first place. We are born on them, we live on them and unfortunately, some of us find mattresses to be a place of passing, too. Not to get too deep on everyone, but this illustrates why we are so proud of this particular service. When we clean your mattress, we are not just performing an ordinary cleaning service, we are helping you in many way as well!

If you’ll forgive the grandiose opening, we hope this shows how passionate we are here at Joondalup Carpet Cleaners. The main reason why we have success operating a mattress cleaning service is that people don’t normally have the tools or the expertise to be able to do it themselves. They can clean on the surface but they won’t be able to reach the stains underneath, they won’t be able to get rid of most odours. That is why a lot of people make the decision to get rid of the mattress and buy a new one. But anyone who has tried to do this will know how much of a hassle it is. The solution: hire a company to clean it at a good price and you are left with a brand new mattress, to all intents and purposes, in terms of freshness and cleanliness. 

How It Works

The deep clean that we perform works quickly and it goes through the mattress removing it of the vast majority of the chemicals and the bacteria that are lying there dormant. If you pay us to do this work, then you will be able to relax with your family, knowing the work will get done to a good standard and you can rest easy when the night time comes. Sound like a good deal? 

First of all, we will come to you, or to wherever your mattress is. We will ask you please to remove all of the linen and take it to a place where you can wash and store it. Then, we will take it out of the room to avoid any cleaning product spreading. Then, we will perform a heavy duty clean without contaminating any other surface. Once it is complete, we will take it back to the room it was in before, good as new. 

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