Stain Removal

Here at Carpet Cleaning Joondalup, we see stains on our shirts or dresses in the same way that we see stains in our houses. It is all a way of presenting yourself after all. Therefore, whilst some people are not too bothered if they end up spilling something over a bit of upholstery or the floor tiles (or even a mattress), we see it as a bit of a disaster. The good news is that by acting quickly, or by contacting the professionals (like us) you are able to remove these stains with ease and leave the fabric or surface looking clean and innocent, as if nothing ever happened. Everyone knows how unfortunate it is to spill some red wine over a shirt or indeed some curry over an item of clothing. Don’t treat your home in any other way! We have the tools and the expertise to get you sorted with minimal hassle and at a cheaper cost than you might expect as well! Impressive, we know.

When To Call

Well, when you spot a stain or if one has just been made, you might feel like you have a duty to report it right there and then otherwise the stain will seep into the inner workings of the fabric and you’ll never get the material back to looking how it was again. Though this depends on a number of things; the type of material, the type of stain and the colours of each, generally, we are able to do a good job with all stains and you will see a good improvement on the surface. So, the answer to the question when is: whenever you can! If a stain happens right at this moment, you are very free and we encourage you to pick up the phone. But on the other hand, if you have a stain that happened years ago, it is worth getting in touch now, too. You’ll be surprised what we can do. As the old saying goes: ‘when was the best time to plant a tree? 20 years ago. When is the next best time? Today!’. We feel the same about carpet stains and also mattress stains: its never too late but the best time is now!

Our Process

Well, first thing is always first: inspection. That means that we talk to you about the problem and you give us the details of the job. Then, we come over and assess the level of the damage. After that has happened, we are in a position to get to work. We usually have all of our tools with us and we are able to start right then and there rather than rescheduling for another date. Once we have agreed on the terms, the time frame and a price, you are able to sit back and relax in another room whilst we get the job done. We will always perform a great clean up job afterwards and it will be like we were never there! What are you waiting for?