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Recently we have started to become frustrated with the way that businesses choose to communicate with their clients. This is because it can already be a frustrating experience getting in touch with a company who you hope can offer you something. It is even worse if they are mean to be doing work at the moment for you but you feel that there is an ongoing problem. Now, imagine that you spend time gathering your thoughts and your information, you find the phone number or the email just to realize that the company can’t even be bothered to talk to you first hand. Some contractors like this, especially the bigger ones, will opt for setting up automated messages and ask you to jump through hoops if you want to speak to a professional. We’ve all been there: ‘press 1 if you want to… press 3 if you need…’ etc. How irritating! 

At Carpet Cleaners Joondalup, you will never have this problem. You can be sure that if you contact us, you will always talk to a professional person the first time round who is willing to listen to your problems and propose solutions. As a community-minded company, we always love hearing from new customers. But we also love hearing from previous or ongoing customers, too, who have ongoing concerns. So, what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone or send an email today! We will get back to you either instantly or ASAP with solutions and proposals which will set you straight.